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Not Scotch Guard. Not Teflon.


Eco Guard is a new water based carpet and furniture protector that does not contain PFOA, solvents or any known harmful chemicals. Though there are no standards for a “green” carpet protector we feel that Eco Guard is the safest and most effective carpet protector on the market.*  Our tests show that it out performs both Scotch Guard and Teflon in soil and stain resist.

Showing that Eco Guard is safe and beneficial for families that have a children or pets.

How Eco Guard Works

New carpet fibers are free from soil and are standing straight up.

New Carpet Fibers – Here’s an illustration of what your carpet fibers look like when they’re new-all squeaky clean.

Carpet has dirt and grime on fibers. Fibers are scratched.

Dirty Carpet Fibers - As your carpet fiber surfaces become worn and walked upon, their surface is now porous and it attracts and traps more sand, dirt, pollen, sand-spurs, dust mites and their feces, along with everything else your family has brought home from the outside world.

Illustrates that even though fibers are clean, they still have scratches that allow dirt and stains to stick to the carpet.

Worn Carpet Fibers – Cleaning will remove the soil and reset the nap on many carpet fibers. However the scratches are still on the fiber.

Illustrates how the scratches are filled in and the barrier that is now protecting the carpet

When Eco Guard is applied after a each professional cleaning, the porous openings in your carpet fibers are filled in, leaving a smooth, like-new surface. Every time you vacuum, all the sand, dirt, pollens, dust mites and their feces are whisked up by your vacuum instead of staying in the pores.

*Though Eco Guard does not contain solvents, PFOA or any known harmful chemicals it may not be appropriate for all people. Foot traffic should be limited until carpet is fully dry. For more information check our FAQ.

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