I Just Spilled Wine! What Should I do?

The dreaded wine spill.

The dreaded wine spill.

I was at a friends house for dinner when suddenly someone (not me, honest) knocked over an entire glass of red wine on their off white carpet. Of course, everyone looked to me for what to do. This is how I handled it. It came out perfect.

You may need to repeat steps 2-4 a couple of times. If the stain does not come out call me or another professional to handle the problem. Any additional attempts with other products could set the stain.

Step one - Place folded cotton bath towel on the spot. Place a heavy object on top of the towel. Heavy books or a weight from you home gym works well. Leave in place for ten minutes or more.

Step One:

Remove towel. Most of the wine should be gone. Spray with Biokleen's Bac-out, Natures Miracle, Eco Zyme, or Eco Cleaner.

Step Two:

Gently agitate with hands or a soft brush. Do not scrub.

Step Three:

Cover with dry towel and weight. Let the towel absorb remaining wine and cleaner

Step Four: