Six Things You Should Know Before You Choose a Carpet Cleaner


Green carpet cleaning is definately up in Beaverton and Portland. Many consumers prefer the option of safe carpet cleaning. Consequently, cleaning companies are responding to this call for "green" cleaning. Unfortunately what "green" means is not always clear, and claims of being green are often exaggerated or misunderstood.  Though there are reputable companies embracing green cleaning, there seem to be just as many who are looking to cash in on the unwary by advertising "green," but offering no such service. 

  1. Green Cleaning is not regulated: Anyone, can claim anything. Statements of "child safe" or  "all natural" are not necessarily  true. On several occassions we have encountered carpet cleaners who have those words all over there truck, but none of those cleaners inside the truck - just the same chemicals as before.
  2. Green does not mean natural: Many "green" cleaning products are biodegradable reformulations of older chemical solutions. These are a better choice for the environment, but may not be a good choice for you.
  3. Do your homework: It's a good idea to interview the company you plan to hire. If they are reluctant to answer your questions or dismiss you with a, "don't worry it's safe" - move on to the next company.
  4. Ask for BioKleen or Planet Guard: And make sure they use them. Just because they advertise it doesn't mean they actually use it.
  5. It may cost a little more: It's not unfair to charge a little more for this type of service as products are more expensive and it can be more work. 
  6. Dry Cleaning Carpet is not appropriate in homes:  Dry Cleaning is only suitable (as part of a maintenance plan) for commercial building or when hot water extraction (steam cleaning) isn't available.  Only steam cleaning rinses the carpet of allergens and debris - especially important for allergy sufferers and those with animals. 



Use common sense when selecting a cleaning service. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most of the lower priced cleaners (Stanley Steemer, and the like) make their money not on cleaning, but on selling you fragrances and Teflon. They live and die by this. If you live in Portland or Beaverton feel free to contact us @