Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning


Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning in Beaverton and Portland

Pets are especially at risk to exposure of fumes and residue left behind from toxic cleaning products. We feed our animals a healthy diet, and make sure they get exercise; we should also beware of how the toxins we use in and around our pet. By using non-toxic carpet cleaning methods you can be free of worry that your pets will become exposed to hazardous fumes and residue.

Why Choose Eco Clean?

  • Safe for all pets (including birds)
  • Effective on Pet Spots
  • Effective on Pet Odor
  • Natural Cleaners
  • No Toxins
  • No Perfume
  • No Carcinogens

The owners of Eco Clean have 3 dogs (Josie, Mabel, and Hugo) and three cats (Lucy, Piper, Brutie). Eco Clean also supports animal rescue groups with donations of products and services.