DIY - Pet Accident Clean Up

In my fifteen years of carpet cleaning, the question I am asked most frequently is, "How do I clean up after my pet?" After seeing tens of thousands of pet spots, I can assure you that many  (if not most) spots can be effectively cleaned by following the step by step instructions in my short video. If the spot does not come out or there is residual odor you may need to call a professional.

Instructions -

If spot is wet, follow steps 1-7. If spot is dry, follow steps 5-9. Old or severe problems may require a professional.

1.Place a folded towel over the pee spot.

2. Add a weight on the towel - the cotton will absorb most of the urine.

3. Wait a few hours. If it's late, go to sleep and deal with it tomorrow. This is OK  ;-)

4. Remove the weight and the towel - most of the urine will be gone.

5. Spray a few ounces of  Nature's Miracle or Bio-Kleen's Bac-Out (our experience is that Bac-Out works a little better)

6. Gently work the cleaner with a soft brush or a gloved hand. Wait 5-10 minutes.

7. Cover spot with new towel and weight. Leave for several hours. The spot should be gone.

If the spot has any odor, repeat steps 5-9. Even if this doesn't work completely, you have made it much more likely to be successfully cleaned by a professional.