All of the pictures below are examples of what we can do when we have to.  We recommend that no one let their carpet get like these. But, if they do, we can handle it. All of these carpets were cleaned by us in Beaverton or Portland Oregon. We deep cleaned this carpet with our natural cleaner and our 360i. The client was nearly certain that the carpet would have to be replaced. She very happy to save thousands by letting Eco Clean clean her three story condo.



Carpet after deep cleaning
Rental carpet is fully cleaned and ready to rent

A very nice home that had many pet and food stains. Customer was very happy that we were able to get her carpet back to new with our deep steam cleaning process.





A longtime and favorite client of ours bought a small investment property and installed new carpet. This is what it looked like after just 1 year. The tenants abused this carpet by making hundreds of food spots including red wine, fruit drinks, soot, and grease spots. The client saved time and money by not having to replace the carpet. The results are so extraordinary that they looked faked - they were not. The reason we were able to save this carpet was prior to rental she had us apply our carpet protector. I am certain that with out it we never would have gotten it clean.



The client has a couple of active Labrador retrievers that sleep in this area. He had the carpet cleaned by someone else a couple of months before we were there. He did not believe that we could get the carpets really clean, but hoped we could make it a "little better" than the last cleaner. He was amazed and took pictures.